China Market Development Program for US Building Materials

Evergreen Building Products Association Awarded Third Dept of Commerce MDCP Grant to Help US Suppliers and Designers Access China's Growing Senior Housing Market 

In September 2012, EBPA was awarded a grant to help US exporters access China's gorwing market for senior housing and aging in place products. We will continue to hold our very successful twice yearly sales missions to China for US exporters and designers. Our offices in the US and China can assist you with developing a market strategy. 

US-China Build (USCB) is a US-government sponsored, privately funded non-profit organization representing suppliers of building materials for residential and light commercial construction. Our goal is to inform Chinese construction professionals about US building technologies through seminars, trade shows and industry publications and to help Chinese companies identify US building materials suppliers.  The US-China Build Program is administered by the Evergreen Building Products Association. Membership in EBPA is not required to participate in US-China Build Program activities, but members receive discounts and other benefits.

US-China Build has a number of activities to help US companies learn more about the China building materials market and to promote their products in China. These include: educational trips to China with introductions to developers, architects, and distributors; sales missions, Chinese-language US supplier directories,  trade show pavilions, design manuals, and seminars.

To find out more about the USCB program and our activities in China please contact us at our offices in the US or China.